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MEN'S WORLD BARBER SHOP is proud to offer a comprehensive range of barber services for our dear men. We are located in Miami.

Who said grooming or hairstyling is reserved for women only? Everyone likes to look good and gorgeous. It's no exception for men!

Get a Haircut in Miami Man!

Find the perfect haircut for your face type at MEN'S WORLD BARBER SHOP. We are based in Miami and serves all of Kendall and Glenvar Heights as well.

Your hair is the most important controllable aspect of your physical attractiveness. It defines your overall personality. Place it in the right hands. Get in touch with MEN'S WORLD BARBER SHOP. We specialize in hairstyling and grooming for men.

Your Choices Are Limitless

Barber Shop Miami, Barber Shop Kendall, Barber Shop Glenvar Heights

Nowadays there are endless options when it comes to hairstyles and grooming for men. Men no longer have to feel out of place in a women salon or short-serviced in a barber shop. Today's barbershops offer a wide range of different hairstyles to suit every taste. MEN'S WORLD BARBER SHOP is one of those barbershops. Whether you need a short cut or long cut, our expert hairstylists will give you the right haircut that will complement your overall style.

We have the skills update your look!

Flaunt Your Short Hairstyle!

Short hairstyles never go out of fashion due to their neat clean cuts and precise styling. Short haircuts are appropriate for almost every occasion, either casual or formal. They are easy to maintain too! At MEN'S WORLD BARBER SHOP, we take pride in offering you the latest short haircuts. You like your hair to be cut short on the sides and the back one way or another, or you prefer a fade? We help you achieve the look you want!

We give you exactly what you are looking for in a haircut!


Barber Shop Miami, Barber Shop Kendall, Barber Shop Glenvar Heights

Our Barbers Are:

  • Certified
  • Professional
  • Friendly and Approachable
  • Caring
  • Highly Qualified and Trained
  • Competent
  • Attentive to detail

Let our professional barbers improve your hair and overall look.