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MEN'S WORLD BARBER SHOP is proud to offer a comprehensive range of barber services for our dear men. We are located in Miami.

Who said grooming or hairstyling is reserved for women only? Everyone likes to look good and gorgeous. It's no exception for men!

We Are the Best When It Comes to Beard Trimming

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Finding a professional and reliable barber for your beard trimming needs can be quite a difficult task. After all, your beard is your pride, your joy. You don't want to risk someone messing that up.

We Are Your Reliable Barbershop

Barber Shop Miami, Barber Shop Kendall, Barber Shop Glenvar Heights

When you choose MEN'S WORLD BARBER SHOP, you won't have to worry about anything. Our barbers are certified and specifically trained to take care of your beard and hair. There are many men who prefer shaving or trimming their beard themselves, at the comfort of their home. But things can go wrong if required precautions are not taken. Professional barbers use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to give you a safe shaving experience.

We guarantee you ultimate satisfaction.

Why Trim Your Beard?

Not all hairs grow at the same length nor in the same direction. Beard trimming is important if you want to keep a nice level and even beard length throughout. Beards are attractive only when they are well-maintained! Unfortunately nowadays many people grow beard without understanding proper grooming and beard care techniques. Unkempt beards are unhygienic and can even be uncomfortable for the person. At MEN'S WORLD BARBER SHOP, we specialize in straight razor shaving, trimming and shaping of facial hair.

Straight razor shaving, trimming and shaping of facial hair...


Barber Shop Miami, Barber Shop Kendall, Barber Shop Glenvar Heights


  • Affordable prices
  • Experienced and certified barbers and hairstylists
  • We have a good eye for detail
  • Relaxing and comfortable barbershop
  • We are attentive to your needs
  • Latest equipment and techniques

We'll give your beard a clean trim.